C Program to Check whether an Alphabet is Vowel or Consonant

June 5, 2021

This program checks whether the input character is vowel or consonant.

Example: Program to check Vowel or Consonant

This program takes the character value(entered by user) as input and checks whether that character is a vowel or consonant using if-else statement. Since a user is allowed to enter an alphabet in lowercase and uppercase, the program checks for both uppercase and lowercase vowels and consonants. To understand this program, you should be familiar with the following C Programming concepts:

  1. C Programming if statement
  2. C Programming if..else statement
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    char ch;
    bool isVowel = false;

    printf("Enter an alphabet: ");

    	isVowel = true;

    if (isVowel == true)
        printf("%c is a Vowel", ch);
        printf("%c is a Consonant", ch);
    return 0;


Enter an alphabet: E
E is a Vowel