Full Form – Part – 1

                                      Short Form Full Form 2G Second generation of mobile phone standards andtechnology 3G Third generation of mobile phone standards and technology 4G 4th generation of mobile phone standards andtechnology FTP File Transfer Protocol GPRS General Packet Radio System GSM Global System For Mobile Communications IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol LAN Local Area Network […]

Full Form – Part – 2

No. Short Name Full Form 1 TCP Transmission Control Protocol 2 UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 3 SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment 4 SMPS Switched-Mode Power Supply 5 RAM Random Access Memory 6 ROM Read Only Memory 7 CD Compact Disk 8 DVD Digital Versatile Disk 9 CRT Cathode Ray Tube 10 CPU Central Processing Unit […]

Full Form – Part – 3

No. Acronym Full Form 1 SQL Structured Query Language 2 VBS Visual Basic Script 3 JSP Java Server Pages 4 HTML Hyper Text Markup Language 5 AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML 6 API Application Programming Interface 7 APK Android Application Package 8 JDK Java Development Kit 9 JRE Java Run-time Environment 10 JVM Java Virtual […]

Full Form – Part – 4

Short Form Full Form API Application Programming Interfaces BIOS Basic Input/Output System CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor DNS Domain Name Service Or Domain Name Server DPI Dots Per Inch DVI Digital Visual Interface FAT File Allocation Table FAT12 12-Bit File Allocation Table FAT16 16-Bit File Allocation Table FAT32 32-Bit File Allocation Table FPS Frame Per Second […]

Full Form – Part – 5

Short Form Full Form .txt Text/Plain .docx Document (without Macros) .docm Document (with Macros) .ppt PowerPoint Presentation .csv Comma Separated Values .pdf Portable Document Format .gif Graphics Interchange Format .xd Adobe XD Document .mpeg Moving Picture Experts Group .wmv Windows Media Video .flv Flash Video .avi Audio Video Interleave .mp4 MPEG Layer 4 .psd Photoshop […]

Full Form – Part – 6

Abbreviation (Extensions) Full Forms .com Commercial Internet Sites .net Internet Administrative Site .org Organization Site .edu Education Sites .firm Business Site .gov Government Site .dev Developer .int International Institutions .mil Military Site .mobi Mobile Phone Site .int International Organizations .io Indian Ocean (British Indian Ocean Territory) .mil U.S. Military .store A Retail Business .web Internet […]

Full Form – Part – 7

No. Acronym Full Form 1 ISRO Indian Space Research Organization 2 ICDO International Civil Defence Organization 3 WTO World Trade Organization 4 WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization 5 IMSO International Mobile Satellite Organization 6 CPO Central Passport Organization 7 PLO Palestinian Liberation Organization 8 WMO World Meteorological Organization 9 WCO World Customs Organization 10 UNO […]