Tag Description <!–…–> Defines a comment <!DOCTYPE>  Defines the document type <a> Defines a hyperlink <abbr> Defines an abbreviation or an acronym <acronym> Not supported in HTML5. Use <abbr> instead.Defines an acronym <address> Defines contact information for the author/owner of a document <applet> Not supported in HTML5. Use <embed> or <object> instead.Defines an embedded applet <area> Defines an area inside an […]

HTML Styles

<html> <body> <p>I am normal</p> <p style=”color:red;”>I am red</p> <p style=”color:blue;”>I am blue</p> <p style=”font-size:50px;”>I am big</p> </body> </html>


<html> <body> <h2>An Unordered HTML List</h2> <ul> <li>Coffee</li> <li>Tea</li> <li>Milk</li> </ul> <h2>An Ordered HTML List</h2> <ol> <li>Coffee</li> <li>Tea</li> <li>Milk</li> </ol> </body> </html>

HTML Links

<html> <body> <h2>HTML Links</h2> <p>HTML links are defined with the a tag:</p> <a href=””>This is a link</a> </body> </html>