Apply for Voter ID Card Online

June 14, 2021

The Constitution of India gives equal right to all citizens of the country to cast their votes. This right can be exercised by every citizen irrespective of caste, religion or economic background. However, to cast your vote, it is mandatory that you have a Voter ID card. The election card will not just authorise you to vote, but also work as an important ID proof. In this article, we will tell you how to apply for a Voter ID card online. 


The process to apply for a Voter ID card online is not difficult. You have to visit the website of the ECI or the Election Commission of India and read the guidelines properly. There are different application forms available like name change form, name inclusion form in the electoral list, NRI forms, Armed forces form, Government employees form, etc. As a new voter, you will have to select Form 6.


To apply for a new Voter ID card, these are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Election Commission of India or ECI website.
  • Click on “National Voter Services Portal”.
  • Click on ‘Apply online for registration of a new voter’.
  • Mention the necessary details.
  • Upload the essential documents.
  • Submit the form.
  • An email will be sent to you with a link to the page of your Voter ID application. 
  • Track your application using this link with your Voter ID login.
  • Your Voter ID card will be sent to you in a month’s time after personal verification. 


For the Voter ID online registration, you must have these documents:

  • Any ID proof like certificate of birth, driving licence, passport, PAN card, or your high school mark sheet.
  • Proof of address like passport, ration card, driving licence, phone bill or electricity bill.
  • Your passport-size photo.


The reasons to apply for a Voter ID card online way are many, like: 

  • By applying online, you can track your application status anytime conveniently from home. After submitting the form, the updated status of your application form will be sent to you. 
  • It is a more convenient process of application as you don’t have to visit the electoral office personally, and thus, saves you the hassle of travelling and a lot of time. 
  • It is a quicker way to apply. 


The Voter ID application form or the Form 6 is an extensive form that collects all necessary details of the applicant. It is divided into different sections:

Section 1:

The opening section will require details like:

  • Name of the applicant in English and also in your state’s regional language. 
  • The applicant’s gender. From a drop-down menu, you can select your gender.
  • The applicant’s birth details like date of birth (DOB), place of birth (state/district/province/town), age as on date of filling the form. 
  • Name of the applicant’s husband/father/mother/wife along with surname. Mention the applicant’s relationship with them in English and regional language.

Section 2:

This section is about the applicant’s address. Details needed in the second section are:

  • House number. This is an optional field. 
  • Street, road, locality, or mohalla name. 
  • The applicant must also mention the village or town name. 
  • The applicant’s tehsil /taluka /Mandal /Thana. 
  • Name of the local post office.
  • Pin code
  • District name 
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID

Section 3:

In this section, information about the applicant’s family members who have also applied for Voter ID card from the same constituency will be sought. The details that are asked in this section are:

  • Name of the family member(s).
  • The applicant’s relationship with the family member(s) – Mother/Father/Husband/Wife.
  • The family members’ constituency.
  • The family members’ number of the Voter ID card(s).
  • Serial number as per the electoral roll. 
  • Documents – ID proof, address proof and photograph 

Section 4:

This is the declaration section of the form. This needs to be filled as a verification that the applicant is an Indian citizen and stays at the mentioned address and also that he/she has not registered for a Voter ID in a constituency elsewhere.

The declaration that needs to be selected is one of these:

  • If the applicant’s name is being included in the electoral list in a constituency for the first time.
  • If the applicant’s name is included in the electoral list anywhere else. The place with the date registered must be mentioned. 

After the form is filled, submit it. You can also consider saving it once to cross-check the given details, and then submit later.


Q: How easy is it to apply Voter ID online?

A: One can easily apply for a Voter ID card online. The only condition is that the voter must be eligible, which means that the applicant must be more than the age of 18 years and he/she should also be the citizen of India. If these two conditions are met, one can apply for the Voter ID card online. You must have an active internet connection to apply online. 

Q: What are the advantages to applying for a Voter ID online?

A: The advantages of going for the online Voter ID card application are many, like:

  • The voter need not go personally to the electoral office to apply for a Voter ID card. And one can do so from home.
  • The online application process also provides the facility of tracking the status of the Voter ID card application. This tracking process is also very easy.
  • The online application process also guarantees the timely updates of the updated information of the status of the Voter card.
  • The online process is much quicker than the offline application process.

Q: Can corrections be made online in case there are some mistakes in the entries in the electoral roll?

A: Yes, corrections can also be done online. You need to visit the website of the election commissioner. Open Form 8, fill it and submit. This form can also be submitted to the Electoral Registration Officer.

Q: Is the online application process for new Voter IDs also applicable for NRIs or overseas citizens? 

A: Yes, Overseas Citizens of India and NRIs can also apply for a Voter ID card online. They need to log on to the National Voters’ Services Portal ( and click on ‘Apply online for registration of overseas voter’. Here, they will find the Form 6 A, which they need to duly fill along with requisite proofs and document details, and then submit. 

Q: How long will it take for the online application for the Voter ID to be processed?

A: After the application has been successfully submitted online to NVSP, the General Resident Electors i.e. the citizens residing in India, as well as the Overseas/NRI Electors will receive a confirmation email. This email will have a link to track their online voter’s ID application status. Generally, it may take around 30 days for the online application to get processed. After this period the applicant’s new Voter ID card would be provided post verification. 

Q: Who is not eligible to apply for a Voter ID online?

A: Generally every citizen of India who has attained the age of 18 is eligible to vote as well as to apply for a Voter ID card through the online process. Only those citizens who are either prisoners or of unsound mind as declared by a competent court or any person/ persons who have been disbarred from voting due to election-related offences/corruption are not eligible.

Q: What should I do if my online Voter ID application gets rejected?

A: If you have filled all details properly and are eligible to get a Voter ID, your application will not be rejected. However, in case your online Voter ID application is rejected, a proper reason will be provided for the same. You can check whether you furnished all the requisite details like house address, Aadhar number etc. properly. In case you haven’t, you can fill the form again with proper details or even go to the electoral office of your constituency to get proper guidance.

Once you have filled up the form and the application is accepted, your name will also be listed in the electoral roll of your constituency. This is very important for you to be able to exercise your right to vote. In case you see any discrepancy in the electoral roll listing; for example, if your name has been spelled incorrectly, you can also apply for rectification through the online process by filling the Form 8. 

The online Voter ID application process has introduced a lot of ease and transparency to the entire process. You can easily register for a Voter ID card as well as receive it from the comfort of your home. More importantly, you can also track your Voter ID application status online. There is no longer any need to visit the EC office or stand in long queues to get your Voter ID card. The government has made this process very easy to encourage more citizens to apply for Voter ID cards and to exercise their very important right to vote.