200 One Word Substitution with Examples

May 25, 2021
Study-relatedOne Word SubstitutionExamples
Study of StarsAstronomyI love this book on Astronomy.
Study of statistics is known asDemographyThe demography of the whole town’s population has been mapped.
The study of ancient writing and scripturesPaleographyThese three university professors have been immersed in the research and study of Paleography for over a decade.
The study of rocks and soilGeologyMy Geology homework is not going to be completed by the final submission date.
The ancient search for a universal panacea, and of the philosopher’s stone. The medieval version of the study of ChemistryAlchemyThe magician wanted to learn Alchemy to master some ancient spells.
The study of evolution of mankindAnthropologyAnthropological research helps us trace our civilization.
The study of Human MindPsychologyI am really interested in studying Psychology and how the mind works.
The practice of writing dictionariesLexicographyShe works in the Lexicography department of the publishing house.
The study of plantsBotanyHer interests in plants motivated her to pursue this course in Botany.
The study of rocks and soilsGeologyDo I need to study Geology before going rock climbing?
The study of languagesPhilologyHow many languages does Philology covers?