Challenging Adjectives and Adverbs

May 22, 2021

Challenge 4: Often Confused Adjectives and AdverbsGood/well

Good (adjective): I did a good job.
Well (adverb): I did well on that test.
Well (adjective): I had a cold, but I am finally feeling well.


Bad (adjective): I have a bad reaction to corn.
Badly (adverb): We played badly in last night’s soccer game.


Real (adjective – opposite of imaginary): A real ladybug flew onto my paper.
Really (adverb – means very): My picture of a ladybug looked really good.

Hint:If you can substitute the word veryreally is the correct choice.

Challenge 5: Adjectives with countable/not countable nouns

Be careful with using adjectives with countable and non-countable nouns.

You can count: books, dollars, cups, etc.
You cannot count: information, money, sugar, etc.

Therefore you might have many booksdollars, and cups, but you would have much informationmoney, and sugar.

Countable – (a large number)Non-Countable – (a large amount)
many, more, most, few, fewer, fewest, severalmuch, more, most, little, less, least, some