Adverb Prepositional Phrases

May 22, 2021

Definition: An adverb prepositional phrase modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb. It usually tells whenwherehowwhy, or to what extent (how manyhow muchhow long, or how far), and under what condition.Modifying a verb:

We always go \to the beach \on the weekends. (Where and when we go.)

Modifying an adjective:

You look tired \from all the heat. (How tired?)
Michele is very good \at singing. (Under what condition is she good?)

Modifying an adverb:

I don’t like getting up early \in the morning. (How early?)

Notice that adverbs don’t tell why, but adverb phrases do. You generally can’t explain why with a single word.

More than one adverb phrase may modify the same verb.

\At the same time, the two opposing players crashed \into me.
crashed \at the same time
crashed \into me