Compound Prepositions and Compound Objects

May 22, 2021

Definition: Compound prepositions are made up of two or more words. They may be written as one word (They look like regular prepositions) or as two or more separate words (They look like an adverb and a preposition or another prepositional phrase). These separated prepositions are sometimes called double prepositions, multiword prepositions, or phrase prepositions.

The bird \in the tree \outside my window is singing loudly. (one word compound)
The bird \on top of the tree \outside of my window is singing loudly. (multiword compounds)
That movie will be playing from June 10 to June 23. (This is an unusual one because the parts of the preposition are interrupted.)

Compound Objects

A preposition can have two or more objects.

The swimming pool is \between the oak tree and the palm trees.