Troublesome Prepositions

May 22, 2021

Some prepositions commonly cause trouble for writers.Beside / BesidesBeside means next to or at the side of.

The book is on the table beside my chair.

Besides means in addition to.

No one besides the teachers is allowed in the teachers’ lounge.

Between / AmongBetween is used with two things.

I sit between Annie and Mark.

Among is used with a group of three or more.

I sit among my friends.

Have / OfBecause the verb have is often contracted with a helping verb like could or should resulting in could’ve or should’ve, students often think the contractions mean could of or should of.

You should have brought it since you could have.

Angry with / Angry atYou are angry with a person.

I am angry with my little brother for breaking my television.

You get angry at an object.

I was angry at my locker when I couldn’t get it open.

Different from / Different thanAlways use different from.

My answer was different from the answer on the key.

Never use different than.

My answer was different than the answer on the key.