Major Agricultural Facts :

October 15, 2021

●State which produces largest amount of food grains – Uttar pradesh

●Largest Rice producing state in India – West Bengal

●Which state produces largest amount of wheat – Uttar Pradesh

●State which produces maximum amount of Maize – Andhra Pradesh

●The states greatest amount of coarse cereals – Karnataka and Rajasthan

●The largest mustard and rapeseed producing state – Rajasthan

●Largest oilseed producing state – Gujarat

●State with largest Soyabean production- Madhya Pradesh

●Largest Sugarcane producing state – Uttar Pradesh

●Maximum cotton producing state – Gujarat

●Which state ranks first in Horticulture production- West Bengal

●State with maximum amount Spices produce – Andhra Pradesh

●The highest coca producing state – Kerala

●Name the largest Coconut producing state – Tamil Nadu

●Biggest Cashew nut producing state – Maharashtra

●First main grain crop of India – Rice

●Second main crop of India – Wheat