Geography Top One Liner (500) Most IMP Questions in English

October 2, 2021

Que 111. About what percentage of the total population of India is employed in agriculture?
Ans – 60 Percent

Que 112. Yellow revolution in India is related to?
Ans – From Oilseeds Production

Que 113. As far as the official classification of the Ministry of Agriculture is concerned, how many agro-climatic zones are there in India?
Ans – 127

Que 114. What is the purpose of social forestry?
Ans – Growing and arranging useful plants on government owned land.

Que 115. Which state is considered as the traditional area of ​​pond irrigation?
Ans – Tamil Nadu

Que 116. Jaduguda is related to?
Ans – From Mining of Uranium

Que 117. Tummalapalli of Andhra Pradesh has appeared in the world map for which most deposits have been found?
Ans – Mine Reserves of Uranium Deposits.

Que 118. For which mineral is the state of Kerala most famous?
Ans – Iron-ore

Que 119. What are the main minerals found in the upper Brahmaputra valley?
Ans – Petroleum

Que 120. Raniganj in West Bengal is related to?
Ans – From Coal Fields