Sources of Indian Constitutional Provision

January 1, 2022

🔹 Government of India Act, 1935
➖Service Commission
➖Federal structure
➖Judiciary Power Division
➖Office of Governor

🔹 United States of America
➖Fundamental Rights
➖Supreme Court
➖Impeachment process of Supreme Court and High Court Judges
➖Independence of Judiciary and judicial review
➖Impeachment of President
➖Office of Vice-president
➖Written Constitution

🔹 Canada
➖Appointment of State Governors by Center
➖Distribution of powers between centre and the states. Residuary Powers with the centre.

🔹 Russia
➖Preamble and Fundamental Duties
➖Five Year Plan

🔹 Ireland
➖Directive Principles of State Policy
➖Method of Election process of the President and Nomination of members in Rajya Sabha by the President

🔹 Britain
➖Writs and Bicameralism
➖Office of the CAG
➖Cabinet system of Ministers
➖Bicameral Parliamentary System
➖Single Citizenship
➖Rule of Law
➖Speaker in Lok Sabha

🔹 Japan
➖Procedures established by law (functioning of Supreme Court)

🔹 Germany
➖Emergency provisions and suspensions of Fundamental Rights during Emergency

🔹 Australia
➖Provision regarding Trade and Commerce
➖Concurrent List
➖Joint sitting of Parliament

🔹 South Africa
➖Amendment Procedure of the Constitution
➖Indirect election of members of the Rajya Sabha