Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on Logical Reasoning

September 14, 2021

1-Look closely at the letter pattern and choose the series from the options given that will correctly fill the blank at the end of the series.

FAG, GAF, HAI, IAH, _______

  1. JAK
  2. HAL
  3. HAK
  4. JAI

(Ans: A)

2-Fill in the blank


  1. OLPA
  2. KLMA
  3. LLMA
  4. KLLA

(Ans: D)

3-In a top secret message, if LIVING is coded as KGSHLD. How will BUDDHA be coded?


(Ans: B)

4-Suresh, the son of Mahesh is married to Sia, whose sister Jia is married to Amar, the brother of Suresh. How is Jia related to Mahesh?

(A) Daughter in law

(B) Cousin

(C) Sister in law

(D) Sister

(Ans: A)

5-Smith said, “Lilly is wife of the grandson of my sister’s mother.” How is Smith related to Lilly?

  1. Father
  2. Father-in-law
  3. Brother-in-law
  4. Grand Father

(Ans: B)

6- Shoe always has _____________.

  1. Laces
  2. Leather
  3. Strap
  4. Soles

(Ans: D)

7-In an archery match, Peter’s team got more scores than David’s team but not as many as Smith’s team. Smith’s team got more scores than Taiwa’s team. Taiwa’s team got less score than David’s team.

Which team is in second place in the descending order of scores?

  1. Smith’s team
  2. Taiwa’s team
  3. Peter’s team
  4. David’s tea

(Ans: C)

8-In the school midterm exams, David has lower marks than Dechen, but has more than Sonam. However, Karma also has more marks than David. Who has the lowest mark?

  1. David
  2. Dechen
  3. Sonam
  4. Karma

(Ans: D)

9-In their class, Chumley, Peter, Kenel, Donald and Senthil are sitting on a bench. Chumley is sitting next to Peter, Kenel is sitting next to Donald. Donald is not sitting with Senthil. If Chumley and Senthil sit on either end of the bench where does Donald sit?

  1. between Peter and Donald
  2. between Donald and Senthil
  3. between Peter and Kenel
  4. between Kenel and Senthil

(Ans: C)

10-Choose the most meaningful sequence for the following words.

  1. Job 2. Independence 3. Study 4. Income 5. Exam
  1. 1, 4, 2, 3, 5
  2. 2, 5, 3, 1, 4
  3. 3, 1, 2, 4, 5
  4. 3, 5, 1, 4, 2

(Ans: D)

11-Samantha is your father’s mother’s grandson’s daughter. Therefore, Samantha is your

  1. niece
  2. sister
  3. uncle
  4. brother

12-The day before yesterday was Saturday. What day will it be the day after tomorrow?

  1. Tuesday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Thursday
  4. Friday

(Ans: B)

13-David prefers Economics to Maths, English to Social science, and Political Science to History. If she prefers Maths to History, and Social science to Maths, which is David’s least preferred subject?

A History

B Maths

C Social science

D Economics

(Ans: A)

14-Pointing out to an elderly woman, Robin said, “She is the daughter of the woman who is the mother of the husband of my mother”. What is the woman’s relationship to Robin?

  1. grand daughter
  2. sister in-law
  3. aunt
  4. daughter

(Ans: C)

15-A school organized a knockout football competition in which 23 teams played. What was the least number of matches they needed to play to decide the winner?

  1. 11 matches
  2. 62 matches
  3. 21 matches
  4. 22 matches

(Ans: D)

16-In a maths class Riki divides 60 chalk sticks by half and adds fifteen. What answer does she show the Class?

  1. 129 chalk sticks
  2. 130 chalk sticks
  3. 135 chalk sticks
  4. 145 chalk sticks

(Ans: C)