With the world becoming an increasingly complex place, children need to grasp new ways of learning to prepare themselves to participate in the future workforce. There is an axiom saying that “children of today are the artists of tomorrow”. The architect qualities can only be developed when the students are given various opportunities of learning and also should know the achievements and landmarks of various branches of knowledge. So they should be provided with such activities that help them to gain knowledge of all branches including Mathematics.
However, in the current context of Covid-19 lockdowns and restriction of movements, children have constrained access to any of such activities. School closures are preventing children from access to learning and limiting their interactions with teachers, peers and others social groups.
Intending to fill these lacunae in education and learning, we at G.D. Goenka Public School, are aiming at keeping the mathematical vigour alive by organizing computational projects like Online Multiplication Quiz, where students from Grade 4 to Grade 6 will participate. This quiz will act as a tool that will enable children to come out of stress, fear, and anxiety. Such activities and methods will keep children engaged positively and provide them a platform to express themselves.

• To develop critical thinking and mathematical fluency among children.
• To make the children learn mathematical attitude.
• To exercise the practice of brief answering in a limited time.
Guidelines for the Quiz:
Multiplication Mania is a quiz competition between the students of grade 4 to grade 6 which will be conducted online in four rounds.

Round 1: 

• Round-1 is an open round where all the students from grade 4-to grade 6 are allowed to participate.
• The quiz will be available on the school website on the due date.
• Students will receive examination Id from their home-room teacher to get access to the link for the quiz.
• The total time duration of the quiz will be 30 minutes.
• There shall be a total of 60 Multiple-choice questions.
• In round-1questions will be asked to assess the knowledge of multiplication tables up to 15
• There shall be no negative marking.
• Attempting all questions is compulsory.
• Once submit button is clicked, the score and time shall be saved and no changes can be made thereafter.
• The candidate has to log in using his/her examination Id. Login is allowed only once.
• The final selection will be based on the maximum score obtained and the minimum time taken.
• The First 5 high scorers from each section will be selected for the second round.

Stay Home, Stay Safe
And Multiply your Joys !!!

Start Round – 1: Click Here