How to upload Digital Signature in Saras CBSE Aff.

July 27, 2021

Step I – Export the File
1. Obtain the Digital Signature from Govt. Registered Service Provider
2. Click on the file > do the next step > click on certificate
3. Then it will show the name of the person in whose name the certificate has been issued. (Digital Signature should be in favour of the school/society/trust/company for authenticity of the documents/information)
4. Click on appear name and install the certificate in current user option.
5. Two options will appear, select the second one i.e. Place all certificates in the following store > click on Browse save the file in option shown as “personal”
6. Click on Finish Button and install your certificate, wait for 10 seconds there will be a message which will appear as “The import was successful”
Step II – Convert the certificate in PFX format
1. Go to the Control panel >User Accounts>Manage file encryption certificate >Next> Create a new Certificate > Make a new self-signed certificate option> Browse
2. Type the file Name and Create and confirm a password for your private key